Google adwords for education

Choosing the right keywords is extremely important to make the most of what Google adwords has to offer. So, here are some suggestions that will help an educational institution like you to choose the right keyword.

  • Use keywords that are most relevant to your course offering. For example, if you're offering a technology course in New York, you can use keywords like technology course, technology New York, technology school, technology diploma and technology degree.
  • Picking the right match type of keywords is also important. You can choose to have a broad match of all the keywords or have an exact match of the phrase keyword. It totally depends on your marketing goals and the budget allocated for this marketing strategy. In general, phrase match gives you better results at a lower cost, but will have the least coverage. Pick the match type that best suits you.
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Some Statistics

65 percent of clicks done by users willing to buy go to paid ads.

Marketers spend 51 % of their money into mobile ads.

Approximatly 52 percent of visitors shopping online prefer to click on paid ad atop Google's search engine results pages.