Google adwords for agencies

Google has made some changes to its adwords, and these are things that every Google adwords agency should know.

  • Google Adwords will be known as Google Ads henceforth. Though this is not much of a change really from an operational point of view, it is still something that you should know.
  • Responsive search ads will help you to write 15 different headlines and up to four descriptions, so you can describe your client's business in a more elaborate way.
  • You know have the option to use lead ads on YouTube as well. Modeled after Facebook's lead ads, this could be a great addition for you.
  • As a Google adwords agency, you can now use Smart campaigns for your small business clients.
  • Smart shopping feature gives you the option to select store visits and new customers as your goals.
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Some Statistics

Share of Google of media advertisment income : 18 %.

The standarnd conversion rate in Google Ads over sectors is 3.75 % for search.

The top 3 paid advertising spots receive 46 % of the visits.