Google adwords for realtors

You must already know that many realtors use Google ads to reach out to potential customers. But are all of them successful? No, because they make some obvious and not so obvious mistakes in their campaigns. We will point out some of these common mistakes, so you can avoid them in your campaigns.

  • Poor ad copy that doesn't give enough information or sounds boring.
  • Redirecting traffic to your selling page instead of a landing page.
  • Poorly designed landing page that acts as a turn-off for visitors.
  • Not collecting or measuring data, so they have little idea about how their campaigns are going. Also, they don't know the cause of poor performance.
  • Lacking a goal for the entire campaign.

These mistakes can be corrected by taking the services of a company with Google partner badge or using tools like an automated adwords management software.

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Some Statistics

65 percent of all clicks made by visitors willing to buy go to paid advertising.

Advertisers spend 51 % of their budget on mobile ads.

The average CPC over all industries in Google Ads over Internet is $ 2.69.